About Us

The Houdini Museum of New York has several hundred of the rarest and most important pieces that was used and personally belonged to Harry Houdini on display. In the museums archives are over 1500 pieces of Houdini Memorabilia that allows for an ever changing displays.

The Houdini Museum of New York also offers magic classes in private as in a group; lectures featuring top historians, authors and magicians; performers from through out the world who are considered the top magicians of today and the opportunity to host your private event at the museum.

Some of Houdini’s items currently on display include extremely rare publicity posters, unthinkable handcuffs, large escape restraints, secret tools to escape, mystifying magic props, a giant robot from his movies, spiritualistic expose items, thought provoking photographs and creative advertising memorabilia. Many of the museums items have never been on display for public viewing.

“My brain the key that sets me free.” This is one of Harry Houdini’s favorite expressions that he would write when he signed his name for his countless fans as one of vaudeville’s highest paid entertainers. It also represents what the Houdini Museum of New York is all about.

Our goal is to inspire all age groups to realize once you focus and set your mind on something, you can accomplish anything you desire. This was exactly the way Houdini lived his life. The museum captures Houdini’s larger than life personality from the time he was a young boy and the events and people that influenced him; how Houdini got started in magic and who were his first assistants and partners; what motivated Houdini to transform from being the King of Cards to the King of Handcuffs; how he risked his life by accepting all sort of unthinkable challenges in order to entertain his audiences; when Houdini became a motion picture star in the early days of film to his war on spiritualists. All this has led Houdini to become the most recognized name in magic despite he has been gone since 1926.

There has only been one Houdini and the Houdini Museum of New York allows you to experience the inner magic of this legendary performer. Maybe one day you will excel and become the next Houdini in any goal in life you set for yourself.

The Museum is the home of the Fantasma Magic Shop. and now Houdini Revealed, offering authentic Houdini artifacts.

The Houdini Museum of New York had over 14 years of motivating people with the magic of Houdini. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, our New York location is now closed.

In the future, the Houdini Museum in New York will be offering magic classes, private and group. Zoom private classes are available now. Contact service@fantasmamagic.com for more information.

The Chief Wizard Officer of Houdini Revealed is available for consultation for media productions and images are available for literary works.